Move Faster. Lower Costs.

Outsourcing or hand-building a prototype in-house takes days or weeks. With a Stratasys 3D printer, you can create that same part in just hours. Available in a variety of office-priced models and with several lease and purchase options, a Stratasys 3D printer will reduce your product's development life cycle, lower costs and put manufacturing in your control.


It's not just a 3D printer. It's an idea engine.

Perfect for individuals and small teams, Stratasys Idea Series printers are ideal for creative experimenting.

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Idea Series

Shared Office

The power of prototyping. Maximized.

Save time and increase quality by building prototypes to test your models before going to production.

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Idea Series


Production. Without the line.

Built to handle everything from large prototypes to low-volume parts with accuracy and ease, Stratasys Production Series printers streamline the manufacturing process and maximize possibilities.

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Idea Series


3D printers for digital dentistry.

Whether you run a small dental or orthodontic practice, or the largest lab, you can reap the benefits of faster turnaround, smoother workflow, and happier customers and patients.

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Idea Series


Connected 3D Printing Solutions

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We can evaluate the design early in the process and easily correct problems before getting to hardware testing or the shop floor. Eliminating these build-and-test cycles shaves months off the typical product development cycle.
Andrew Dougherty
Manager of Product & Technology Development