SOLIDWORKS® Standard delivers robust 3D design capabilities, performance, and ease-of-use. Not only can you create fully detailed parts, assemblies, and production-level drawings, but you can access all the tools required to generate complex surfaces, sheet metal flat patterns, and structural welded assemblies. SOLIDWORKS Standard also includes wizards to automate designs, perform stress analysis, and determine the environmental impact of components. Discover increased design productivity with SOLIDWORKS Standard.

For a limited time only, when you buy SOLIDWORKS Standard, you can get an instant upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Premium at no extra cost. That’s $4,000 in savings. This discount ends June 30, 2017, so be sure to take advantage of it.

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    Create parametric parts, assemblies, and production level drawings; generate complex surfaces, sheet metal flat patterns, and structural weldments; utilize included wizards to automate designs, perform strength tests, and determine the environmental impact of components; transition seamlessly between 2D and 3D designs, or even render your 3D design from a 2D drawing. SOLIDWORKS software combines ease of use with broad customization so that new users can learn quickly, and experienced users can work faster. Companies of all sizes can use this simple, but powerful package to bring their product vision to life. Move Quickly from Design Idea to Product Reality Intuitive 3D design puts your focus on innovation, while built-in intelligence accelerates your design process. Test real world conditions and make sure it’s right before you build it. Lower your total cost of ownership with higher process efficiency. Best of all, you can have continued support and training, whenever you want it, with an ongoing subscription and a huge Knowledge Base at your fingertips. Improve your design processes today with SOLIDWORKS and FISHER UNITECH.
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