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Don't just design your products - put them to the test before you spend any money on a physical prototype. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium brings highly-advanced finite element analysis (FEA) functions to designers and engineers at a fraction of high-end FEA software costs, and with none of the complexity. You can efficiently evaluate your designs for nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, and composite materials with the powerful tools of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium adds to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional to provide valuable insights to improve product reliability in the most cost effective manner, no matter the material or use environment.

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    It adds an even greater level of sophistication to the capabilities already found in SolidWorks Premium and Simulation Professional, and goes beyond core simulation to expand the virtual test environment to sophisticated design validation tasks such as:

    • Studying design performance for excessive deflections and stresses under dynamic loads
    • Performing nonlinear analysis—including impact—on plastics, rubbers, polymers, and foam
    • Conducting contact analysis coupled with nonlinear materials
    • Evaluating the behavior of composite materials 

    Simulation Premium's Key Capabilities Include:

    Sim Video of the Month: Design Optimization & 2D Simplification
    Nonlinear Dynamics: It's easy to test and validate your designs with advanced capabilities including nonlinear displacement analysis and analysis of nonlinear materials, as well as dynamic response analysis of parts and assemblies.

    Plastic Part Simulation: You can capture all the behavior of your plastic parts without special training or add-ins. You can also simulate your plastic components in all possible tests and environments, and optimize parts for volume and cost. 

    Forced Vibration Simulation: Predict and control vibrations or dynamic responses in your products with a choice of integrated design studies, including Transient study, Harmonic Response study, and Random Response study. 
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