SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Designer (SWCD) is the concept design tool for the rapid creation, manipulation, and modification of designs for mechanical components. Its single modeling environment makes concept design flexible and instinctive in a broad-based collaborative framework that helps accelerate design and reduce costs.


    SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer Capabilities include:

    Sketch Motion
    Evaluate your concepts for fit and function with early stage concept validation using trace paths, area sweeps, and alerts to help ensure you always move forward with the best design.

    Deformable 3D Geometry
    Get instant performance verification with realistic 3D components that behave as they would in the real world.

    Mechanism Synthesis
    Define a partially dimensioned layout of your mechanism and how it will be positioned at discrete steps, and SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design will calculate the undefined dimensions.

    Additional Capabilities:

    Single Modeling Environment
    Concept Management
    Mechanism Design
    Synthesis + 2D to 3D Motion
    Direct Editing
    Predictive Computing

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